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Kanpeki nante nai

26 April 1991
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About Me
My name is Karen and I'm a soon to be college freshman :). I'm very interested in the Japanese culture and that's why I hardly know what's going in my own country unless I listen to the radio or watch t.v. Personality wise I'm blunt,silly,and DoS. I have a habit of defending other people even I know nothing about them just because I get offended about it. Also I love foreign films comedy, it's light-hearted silly comedy. I go a bit far with my fangirlin' but surprisingly i'm a very serious person when it comes to learning and world problems. Enough with the seriousness though. What you really need to know is that i love anyone who reads this and loves arashi as much i do because arashi is the only males that i love this much ^^ <3
This is where it all is. The dorkiness,the FAIL,the talent,THE LOVE. Arashi has officially taken over my life. I have cried,laughed,and supported them more than any group in the music business in America. I feel they are more ''normal'' than other groups I have seen. Their love for us fans is what keeps me going. I have made ''Arashi Daily Dose'' a neccessity in my life. If I'm deprived of Arashi then the state of pennsylvania will cease to exist because all hell will break loose. This is my Arashi Love :)
First of all, when you think of arashi you think OHMIYA *squeals* I cant help but to do this. The possibilities of the pairings. Sakumoto is starting to cut in on Juntoshi and Juntoshi has almost completely removed ohmiya from my view. The way nino grabs ohno's nice lil' booty and smiles in satisfaction..Ah its bliss,ne?Or do I think about how matsujun sparkles when he's next to the failing ikemen and then begins to fail as well. But there's still ohkaa-chan snuggling next to him..am i the only one imaging ohkaa-chan in some ''M'' clothing when he's near matsujun?. I think i need to stop before I cause myself to have a nose bleed XD
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ii Have finally decided to make my ichiban..Matsujun!
Kawaii XD(creds to _natyway_)